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So, you want to invest in real estate but you don’t have the cash or the credit to really get started. Well, I’m pretty sure that you know that it can be done because you’re read this post.

I literally started making a lot of money in real estate while I was bankrupt and in my parent’s basement. So, I know that you know it’s possible. But there are some caveats, there are some details that I got to share with you so that you can do it right and change your position the same way that I did. Let’s go.

I’m going to share with you my full blueprint on how I went from living in my parent’s basement to having my own real estate empire worth millions of dollars and having hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash at all times with my business using other people’s money.

Again, other people’s cash, not necessarily mine. I’m going to share with you my simple formula and a quick script that you can use to get other people’s money and how you do it. And last but not least, I’m going to give you this special technique that I have formulated and perfected over the past few years.

I literally just used it yesterday and picked up 5 more properties with other people’s money. Again, that’s all I use now. So, I’m going to tell you that one technique that you can use and start today. So, not even my 2 master’s degrees taught me this. What I’m going to share with you I learned from the real world and this is what works.

So, we’re talking about real estate investing, one of the things that are taught in school that is just absolutely wrong that I want to make sure that I clarify upfront is that you can turn debt into money. So, one of the things that we’re taught growing up and that we learn in school, unfortunately, is to kind of be afraid of debt. And when we’re talking about other people’s money, in many cases we’re talking about debt. Because you do… In most cases, they’re going to want you to repay that money.

And usually repaying money or borrowing money also comes with interest rates or fees or points and things like that really shy away from what people are taught and what their parents have taught them. And so, when we’re talking about real estate investing, you’ve got to get really clear and know that you’re going to need to use other people’s money and that this is not a problem.

This is the way that we do it and this is the smart way to do it if you follow the right techniques. So, real estate investing consists of a couple of things. In most cases, you are looking to buy real estate at a lower price and sell it at a high price.

That is usually the gist of it whether we’re talking about houses, condos, apartments, strip malls, warehouses, vacant lots. When we’re talking about real estate and we’re talking about investing in real estate, we’re talking about making profits usually from buying low and selling high. Or we’re talking about using and leveraging those properties by having a mortgage or obtaining those properties and then putting tenants in them of some sort and getting that cash flow.

So, there are different ways that you can invest in real estate. But those are the 2 primary ways that most people do. And those are the primary ways that we can leverage other people’s money so that we can start making money. Let’s get into that part.

So, we’re talking about the smart way to use other people’s money to buy real estate or buying real estate using other people’s money the smart way. You got to start thinking like a real estate investor. So, most people go out and they can always get a mortgage. You know, we already know that there are tons of companies that’ll let you go buy a house and you can get a mortgage and put that property and then just live in that property.

But that’s how most consumers or we call them civilians. Buy real estate but as a real estate investor, you are trying to turn debt into money. So, you got to start looking at real estate differently and you have to start seeing it as a commodity. You cannot care about what school it goes to and you know does it have a pool in the backyard and all this other stuff that you may want for your own personal home.

When we are talking about real estate investing, we are talking about, “How can I make the most money off of this piece of property? How can I buy this property for the lowest amount possible and how can I sell it for the highest amount possible?” That’s the game.

To be clear on that, the smartest and best way to do it is to become a business. If you really want to leverage other people’s money in a big way in real estate and really do this thing big where you don’t have to work for someone else and you don’t have to clock in and you’re never worried about money again, start as a business.

Go ahead, step one. Get that business license, the LLC, or the corporation. Go ahead and get a business name and a business phone number and a business email and a website. Go ahead and take those couple of steps that are needed to start you a business. Because this is going to open the door where you can borrow and get more money and really scale this and make a real business. I said this before and my coach said it to me.

This is how I ended up in my parent’s basement, bankrupt and in foreclosure is I didn’t take it seriously as a business. I thought I could fix and flip a couple of houses. I really wasn’t committed to real estate investing. I wanted a couple of rental properties. I had a couple of rental properties but a couple of rental properties is not a business.

It’s more of a headache, and, If you to be a really want to succeed in real estate, you really want to start leveraging other people’s money, start trying to leverage a lot of other people’s money. You want millions of dollars in other people’s money at least tens of thousands. You know, you want 20, 40, 50 thousand just to start off and leverage their money so you can get as many properties as possible so that real estate is not a headache for you.

So, that’s one of the things I need to make sure that you’re clear on. So, the next step when buying real estate using other people’s money is you want to take that business that you’ve created and then establish business credit. This is pretty simple to do.

I’ve actually written an entire post, about how to build business credit really quickly. But the key to it is simple. I’ll tell you the gist of it really fast. Once you have the business set up, like I said, just the LLC, phone number, website. Not too much.

Again, I have students that have done this in 1 day literally depending on what state you are in. You can have your business set up in one day and start building business credit the very next day. And so, well actually it’s going to take a couple of days because you’re going to need that dun & brad street number. And dun & brad street is the business credit reporting agency that puts the business credit report together.

The primary one there’s also Equifax and Experian business. But Dun & Bradstreet is the biggest one and that does take probably a couple of weeks to make sure you get that Dun & Bradstreet number. But when you are building your business credit, this is going to open the door to get business funding in your business’s name that’s not touching your personal credit. I know some of you are super excited to hear that. I was super late to the game with business credit. So, I’m happy to share this with you and tell you to do this immediately.

Do not wait. I took way too long to start establishing my business credit. I’ve been doing it for a few years now but I should have done this in 2009, like, I said when I was in my parent’s basement, I could have done that. But I didn’t. So, I’m telling you to do it because I have students that have done this and in 6 months to a year, they have hundreds of thousands of dollars in credit in their business name, and now they can buy tons of properties and quit those jobs that they hate.

So, this is how you’re going to leverage other people’s money with your business credit. Now, yes you can use your own personal credit but that is not Finance & Savings recommendation nor is it the smartest way to do it because once it’s all on your personal credit report like I found out when I was in my parent’s basement, I had bad credit and then I was limited to what I could do in real estate.

You know, at that point, I couldn’t really buy houses in my name. I had to wait a couple of years to let the bankruptcy season a little bit and stuff like that. So, if you don’t ever get into that situation which is what I’m teaching you the smart way to do it. I’m not even gonna tell you to do it the way I did.

I’m going to tell you to do it the smart way. Go ahead and establish that business credit so you can get business funding and start leveraging other people’s money to buy your rental properties.

So, after a few months of establishing the business credit, you’re going to go ahead and you’re going to get funded. You’re going to get business funding. You’re going to get business lines of credit; you’re going to get business credit cards. Make sure you open a business checking account because this is going to be important for you as well. Because a lot of the lenders will make sure they want to they’re going to want to see your business checking account statements.

But usually, they only ask for 1 month or 3 months’ worth of statements. It’s not liked a whole bunch of statements. So again, 3 months’ worth of statements. It only takes you 3 months to do this. And this is how I have students that are literally able to quit their jobs and be full-time real estate entrepreneurs in less than a year. You’re going to leverage, you’re going to create a business, you’re going to leverage that, you’re going to get business credit and you’re going to get business funding and then you’re going to buy income-producing-properties.

Plain and simple. So, once you’ve done that, that’s the last step. And it doesn’t… It is not as hard as you think. With many cases, you can use those business credit cards to get cash advances. You can start to get lines of credit and start putting that money from the lines of credit into your business checking account so that you can show that you have money in your business checking account. Then you get hard money loans.

Buy properties or you can create your own crowdfunds and things like that. But you’ll never really have to use any of your money and doing what I’m telling you to do. You’re not even using your own credit. Because this is going to be reported on your business credit report. Yes, they may ask to see your credit just to make sure you don’t have bad credit. But it’s not going to be reporting on your personal credit report. This stuff is going to report to your business credit report and then the sky is the limit.

So, I have mentioned an entire training just for you. You can go to Free training. It’s a little bit longer than I can put you know put out here. So, go ahead and make sure you watch that full training so you can get started to learn the exact formula for making big profits in real estate without losing money where you can start making money soon. Not months, years. You can start making money pretty much immediately.

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