How Financial Aid Works?

In this article, we will give you the basics of eligibility to apply for financial aid and receive it for financial assistance.

Financial Aid
Financial Aid

You may be surprised when you know that two-thirds of our undergraduate students receive financial aid in the form of scholarships that grant them federal business studies and require loan assistance based on a review of their family’s financial strength to qualify for federal and university assistance.

Students must be US citizens or eligible non-citizens who have a valid Social Security number and must be enrolled in the selective service system if necessary.

Undocumented students who qualify under California law BB540 of DREAM are eligible for limited assistance For more information, please visit the California Student Assistance Committee website.

 How Do I Apply For Financial Aid?

To determine the amount of assistance that may be eligible for you and your parents, You will be required to submit a free application to assist federal students and the online university scholarship service e-FAFSA profile is free, but there are fees for a CSS profile if you meet certain income and asset requirements, you may be eligible for a fee waiver, the USC may also ask you to provide information Additional tax returns from your non-custodial parent.

If all applicable and commercial tax returns or companies will help give us a complete picture of the financial strength of your family and will ensure that you get the most amount of assistance that you are eligible for when applying for financial aid, be sure to track the deadlines and provide any required forms and information in Those dates, which lack a deadline for loss of assistance, and which may be eligible for how to determine your financial needs based on two factors, are the estimated costs of attending college, and planning to attend and your expected family contribution.

The amount of assistance that you are eligible to receive is the difference between the Cost of Attendance and the expected family contribution to the cost of attendance is an average estimated amount that will cost one year of study, and it also represents the maximum amount that a student can obtain in the costs of financial aid to attend and includes tuition fees, room fees, and transportation of books on board, and costs Personal and varied.

While tuition and fees are more or less fixed you have some control over the estimated costs, for example, you can cut housing by living with roommates to save money on textbooks, by renting instead of buying, and saving transportation costs by not bringing a car to Campus to save money is simple, budget tricks can save you such a lot over time, and current costs can be found in the university section of our website at WWE.

You can provide the four oblique financial aid, and the expected family contribution also known as EFC, is the total amount considered by one of your non-custodial parents or parents if possible, and you are expected to contribute to your educational costs when you apply for financial aid you will consider.

The matter is for both federal and institutional assistance provided by the same university, which represents two different groups of funds governed by different rules and regulations.

So your eligibility for financial aid will be calculated using two different methods, one will use the information from FAFSA to determine the amount of federal assistance that you are eligible in this way is known as the federal methodology , The second method known as the institutional method will determine how much institutional assistance you might be eligible for this method using your CSS profile to look at your family’s income And assets, including equity, at home How many children are in college and how close are your parents to retirement age.

We may also consider special circumstances for your family such as job loss or salary cuts, so let us know if you experience a sudden change in income.

Please note that consumer debt is not included in this account, as the institutional method takes into account most categories of assets, including partnerships, funds, home, and business shares, some provisions are granted against these assets.

The financial needs of the University of Southern California are met, they work with families to meet the student’s full financial need through scholarships and loans that require some resources, such as loans that will be paid upon graduation, or less than half the time others join, such as grants and scholarships that You are given money that you should not pay when receiving a summary of eligibility for financial aid.

Be sure to read the information carefully and select the most reasonable options for your family’s financial position.

For example, loans can be a big help but they can be very expensive, and they mean several years of repayment once you graduate from federal regulations that prevent the university from granting greater financial aid than students specify that the need for unsupported Stafford loans is an exception, where Deliver them regardless of the family’s financial need.

These regulations also prohibit granting assistance that exceeds the estimated cost to attend if you receive a scholarship from a university or external source, it will alter the composition of your financial assistance package, and it will reduce any loans and/or set up a federal business in your package, may also reduce the size of any Granted.

This is to prevent your total financial aid from exceeding your financial need, but we will try to keep as much funding as possible from the gift date while your scholarship may resolve some or all of the Stafford Federal eligibility for the loan, you may continue to see this loan as part of your financial aid, and this is available for you to help In covering the family’s contribution, you will notice that the total amount of assistance you receive has increased to include both scholarships and any non-needy loans in some cases.

You may also be able to increase the estimated cost of attendance by submitting a budget appeal to our office based on your actual expenditures Increasing the budget may provide additional space for a scholarship.

If I Need More Money Than I Offered?

If the costs of the above-average program cause the actual costs of the specified university to exceed the financial need, you can apply for additional loan funds If there is a change in your family’s circumstances that affects your family’s ability to contribute to your education, you may be eligible for additional assistance forms And instructions are available on their website.

How Do I Cover The Expected Family Contribution?

There are several ways to fulfill the expected family contribution. Many families choose to borrow federal low-interest loans

Loans for Federal Direct Parent PLUS loans, visit for more information. The University of Southern California also offers a USC interest-free payment plan and allows you to pay your university expenses in monthly installments throughout the semester, and can also For families prepaid up to five years insurance for college tuition at the current school rate with prepaid tuition plan for more information on These payment plans, please contact student financial services.

We hope you find this article useful and informative if you want to learn more, we encourage you to check these resources, and the net price calculator for this interactive tool will help you determine the amount of assistance and its types of assistance that may be Eligible for USC Investing in Your Future.

This booklet covers financial assistance in detail including types of eligibility requirements for assistance on how to manage loans and how to apply for financial assistance in USC College Navigator.

This free consumer information tool from the National Center for Education Statistics will allow you to compare colleges and universities based on Programs that provide retention rates and graduation rates should financial assistance the available degrees awarded for campus safety and accreditation.


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