Money Truths I Wish I knew Sooner

Money truths I wish I knew sooner, this is the fact. like most of you, I grew up knowing nothing about money except to buy what I want. The only problem was that I didn’t know how to make that money.

We grew up struggling financially, so my parents always had this idea that I should do my best to get a high-paying job in a respectable company to lift myself out of a desperate financial position.

In fact, I didn’t even know what the stock market was until I was 17 years old. And it took me sometimes to figure out how on earth does it works, and I learned it the hard way where I lost money, but eventually, I figured everything out.

But there are money truths I wish I knew sooner

money truths
money truths

I wish someone would have told me that when I was a little teenager about the money truths.

I would have done a lot of things differently and saved a ton of money and time that I have wasted to figure them out. So what I am going to do in this post is to share them with you and save you a ton of money and most importantly time.

Knowing money truths will help you to get financially free sooner than you would otherwise.

leverage turns good deals into great deals

If someone told me Back when I was 19 that you could use debt to make a fortune, I would say, “you are an idiot” I would never ever go into debt because I grew up having such a negative opinion about debt, leave alone the interest you get charged on top of it. But it turns out that debt isn’t as bad as I imagined.

It’s actually good in some cases. Take this case, for example; let’s say you want to buy a house and you have 1 million dollars in cash, if you have a really strong credit score, you can get a 3% mortgage

rate. Of course, you can spend that million dollars to buy a house, or you get a mortgage and invest that million dollars elsewhere like the stock market, for example, and get let say 7% annually.

In the second scenario where you are using debt, you aren’t just getting the house but letting that money grow by an additional 4% (7-3). This is, of course, a super simple example because we didn’t take into account the down payment and the market fluctuations, but that’s the idea in general.

Every successful real estate investor has used debt in some forms to be where they are. Often, they use their first mortgage as collateral to get the second one and rent it out and so on. Instead of saving to buy each property, you can use debt to save yourself decades worth of time.

Tax loopholes are made to be used

No one likes paying but the tax code isn’t black and white, except the income tax where it gets higher as you make more money, up to 3%.

But its filed with loopholes where you could be making millions of dollars and pay absolutely no taxes because on paper, you could be showing a loss.

Let’s say you have a 300K mortgagee with a mortgage rate of 3%. You can deduct your mortgage interest from your rental income, which means if you make 30K from that house, you can be deducing 9K from it (3% out of 300K).

Now instead of paying taxes on 30K dollars, out of a sudden, you only have to pay on 21K dollars. That’s why it’s even better to get a mortgage even if you can afford to buy the property.

There is also something called depreciation, almost everything we buy depreciates over time and tax codes usually allow you to use depreciation as an expense although you lost nothing and further lower your income on paper and minimize taxes. Companies use this strategy all the time.

If you just pick the financial statements of any company, you will realize that they always have deprecations in their income statements. You can even avoid taxes when you sell that property if you end up buying another one in return. We can talk forever about the loopholes in the tax code, but that’s the idea in general.

The more money you make, the easier it gets When you barely make ends meet, it’s difficult to imagine making millions even hundreds of thousands.

If you work overtime, you might somehow double your income.

But the truth is wealth doesn’t work like, earning your first 100K dollars is much harder than making your first million dollars.

Because as you make more money, more and more opportunities will open in front of you. Saving to be able to get your first mortgage might take you a few years, at least, but the second one gets a lot easier.

So, don’t be discouraged if you can’t see yourself making more.

Focus first on saving your first 20, 50, or 100K dollars or on getting your first property. Trust me; it gets way easier down the road. Planning the first tree is the most difficult one.

A single opportunity can make you a fortune

The average return on an investment in the market is about 6 to 10%and the only way to build a fortune is investing long term but there is another way, a faster way.

There is literally a shortcut in building wealth, and it exists but it’s not easy.

In 2008 when the market crashed, home prices fell dramatically, they were sold at a fraction of their value and whoever was ready for that opportunity jumped in and purchased multiple properties at a fraction of their real price.

A few years later made a fortune when home prices rose back to their value. During crises, cash is the king, and this pandemic is proof.

In March, stock prices dropped by almost 50% and whoever was ready ended up making a fortune, so if you want to be ready for the next crises, you have to save, save and save.

Money Truths: Don’t explain your financial goals to anyone

One of the mistakes I made back when I was a little teenager is telling people my financial goals. People start arguing with you, telling you why that is not possible, why it is not a realistic goal, and so on. That can discourage some people.

The truth, you know yourself and your situation much better than others. Keep your goals, especially financial goals within yourself.

Of course, be rational with them, but the truth is no one really cares.

People sometimes feel jealous. Sometimes they want to discourage you, so just keep working in silence and let your results talk.

Always use the 80/20 rule

There are a million ways to make money, and that’s not an over-exaggeration. Some of them are going to work for you, and others won’t. What you have to do is find that one thing that makes you maximum income and then focuses all of your energy on making the best out of it.

Don’t jump from one thing to another. Don’t try to do a lot of things at the same, which is what I did back then and I see a lot of people repeat the same mistake.

Have ever heard of the 80/20 rule, where 80% of the outcome come from 20% of the causes. It applies to money as well, 80% of your income comes from 20% of your work, so focus only on them.

Finally, about the money truths, there are things that money can’t buy When you are living paycheck to paycheck, you imagine that money can buy anything.

That’s not true, anyone who makes a lot of money can tell you. The money, of course, solves a lot of problems and makes life a lot better and you should strive to make a lot of money but there are things that money can’t buy like friendship, just good times with friends, a dinner with family.

While you are building your wealth, enjoy these little things along the way, build great relationships, have fun. Money isn’t gonna help you with that.

And now it’s your turn, what is that one thing about the money you think everyone should know? What is the most important thing you have ever learn about money?

Let me know in the comments below.

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